Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy DYNGUS Day! 

 Um, what are you talkin' about Ang?

Ha ha ha.. this is so fun, I had to share.  DYNGUS DAY is a polish tradition, where the Monday after Easter, boys typically throw water on girls.  WHAT?  That's SO NOT FAIR!!
But wait....  The following day, the girls would return the favor by throwing DISHES at the boys.  LOL... oh, that's so funny!  Now, if you start throwing dishes at boys tomorrow, I am not going to take the blame...I will deny everything!

Okay, here's todays little project I made for my wonderful Physical Therapist who has been helping me with my neck and back problems.  Our time is almost  up and I wanted to give her a cute little something as a token of my appreciation.  Well, she also let me borrow a book, so I am giving it back to her with an adorable bookmark!  In fact, all of my hosts in MAY will get to see how to make these and keep one for themselves, so book your party with me while I still have a couple of dates open!!

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