Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm back from Mother Nature's wrath once again!

Okay, seriously guys.. all in one summer??  First though, we had a HORRIBLE winter.. don't even know how many feet of snow we ended up with, but my kids couldn't even go outside because it was over their heads!  Then in June, we had that Tornado that was scarier than all get out, followed that same week with a microburst.  Oh, if you hadn't heard of it before, google that bad boy!  Good times.  Then, the earthquake, which some of us felt.  I, however, was out mowing my lawn, so if it affected us, I have NO idea.  Then, the hurricane. WOO hoo... we were lucky and only lost power for 9 hours but our internet  and cable just came back on last night.  SIX days later.  I am told that some very unlucky folks are still without power up here.  What gives?  JEEZ!  

I am SOOOOOO all done with this bull!  And now, my poor 5 year old is terrified of not only rain, wind, thunder and lightening, but god forbid the sky turns grey. 

It has been one heck of a summer and even this week has been tumultuous in this household.  School started and I have a Kindergartener this year.  My youngest is now gone full time.  We switched schools thanks to school choice in Massachusetts .  And my 8 year old had a bday party sleep over for 7 of his friends.  I am sooo tired.  Anyone else?

A Root Cellar
But we had some great things happen this week too!  We took our last field trip of the summer to one of our favorite places, Old Sturbridge Village, with some great friends.  In all the years we've gone (and we go a lot because we are members), I actually discovered and saw some new things that I was really excited about.  Like their gardening techniques and how to make manure tea, lol.  And, I found out what a "root cellar" was and got to see it.  For anyone that doesn't know, this is how they kept their "root veggies" fresh all winter long.  They put the veggies in sand, in big boxes down in the cellar.  Isn't that amazing?  The food stayed "alive", but dormant.  Plus, some veggies take two years to produce seeds, so they take those veggies out and re-plant them in the spring.  SO NEAT! And best of all, we got to hang with some of our closest friends.  It was a fantastic day.  And now, fall is coming, which is my FAVORITE time of the year and I can't wait to get started with all the fall activities and crafting!

The "Kitchen Garden" at Freeman Farm in OSV
There will be craft shows, classes, holiday shopping, trick or treat goodies, bonfires, leaves turning and so much more. 

So, I guess we take the good with the bad, right?  The story of life... I hope this finds you all with power and enjoying the sunshine!  Don't forget about my upcoming class for Frankie!

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